The Vision Of Jack’s Tax Mobile…

Two years ago after launching the first Jumping Jack Tax Brick & Mortar location in Philadelphia, our Founder, Donnell Morris, had the vision to create a financial office on wheels. An easy get around the city to meet clients and also be able to comfortably work from wherever if necessary. Plus, he believes in the power of using your vehicle as an advertisement. The average person drives 15,000 miles per year. Why not have your business on the road at all times? It could create a ton of new leads on a daily basis through something you do every day. After researching and partnering with the right company, Donnell was able to execute his vision with the mobile office, car wrap, and a comfortable environment to serve customers or work on wheels. Say hello to Jack’s Tax Mobile!

Let's Go Over The Details...


We started off by wrapping a Mercedes Benz Sprinter with our company's wrap to give it a luxurious vibe and smooth ride. Plus, we wanted to set the bar high and let customers know we are the premier tax & accounting company of the future. Customers love luxury so why not let them ride in it?

We started off by wrapping a Mercedes Benz Sprinter with our company's wrap to give it a very luxurious vibe and smooth ride. Plus, we wanted to set the bar very high and let customers know we are the premier tax & accounting company of the future. Customers love luxury so why not let them ride in it?


Jack’s Tax Mobile comes with 8 office drawers for storage or filing away data, a lockable cabinet for sensitive information, and a closet for attire if you need to quickly change between appointments. It also has a built-in sink for water, washing hands, etc. We can add a Keurig Machine for customers or staff to have coffee. We also have a built-in battery to charge almost any device you have from laptops to phones.

We built an office in the back of Jack’s Tax Mobile that could fit four to five people at any given time. From comfortable couches to LED lights and a table that can be easily maneuvered or removed depending on the situation. We also have a built-in cellular boost that connects to your phone's personal hot-spot to make your internet connection stronger while working on the road. Fantastic!

The doors open in the back which is great for a summer day while consulting a client. Or you could open the doors for a community event to serve the community. This could be a food drive or financial literacy event. This is a multi-purpose van to service existing clients,

Here’s another look of Jack’s Tax Mobile with the back doors open.


What to Expect


The Jumping Jack Tax initial franchise fee is a modest $20,000 dollar commitment. This does not include any additional cost of systems & tools necessary to operate the franchise virtually or to get a Jack Tax Mobile on the road if interested.


We are a growing tax & accounting franchise that requires year-round commitment to clients, especially from January to May. Although we do not require you (franchise owner) to file taxes or handle the bookkeeping needs of our clients because you can hire a professional, we still require you to invest into the skill set of tax & accounting. We have online classes you can take to learn relevant tax laws and other financial terms.

Risk Of Starting A Business

Jumping Jack Tax Franchisees are responsible for running their business and managing the day to day operations such as hiring, employee management and local marketing efforts. Franchisee success is requires past leadership/management experience, business acumen, and giving your time to the business. Being able to do all these and more is essential to your growth and success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Presently, you do not need to buy Jack's Tax Mobile to open the franchise. You could start off by paying the initial franchise fee to launch as a virtual franchise owner and in the future when you have the necessary capital or credit requirements, you can purchase Jack's Tax Mobile as an add-on to your franchise.
Defining which is better has more to do with preference and territory. We believe that both play a major role in the growth of your franchise over time. Store front locations are perfect if you're someone who loves structure and consistency. Having the ability to go to your office each day to work, manage staff, meet with clients and engage with the community. Jack's Tax Mobile is great for someone who loves to stay on the move while running their franchise. Having the flexibility to meet potential & existing clients anywhere and everywhere and manage staff on the go. You could also have both the store-front and Tax Mobile. Both are great options that could increase customers and revenue.
About two years ago, our founder, Donnell Morris had the idea of having a tax & accounting storefront that could move anywhere. With customer needs changing, he knew Jumping Jack Tax had to create an experience that customers could enjoy with convenience. Plus mobile advertising is insanely cheap. The average person drives anywhere between 10,000-15,000 miles per year. So he thought: What if we could wrap a vehicle with our company's information and have a built-in office where franchise owners and customers could comfortably meet anywhere? This would be a game-changer for the franchise owner to earn new business with low overhead costs and a phenomenal experience for the customers who could meet with their accountant in style.
The cost to buy Jack's Tax Mobile is roughly $100,000 dollars. This does not include our initial franchise fee. This cost would include buying the Mercedes Benz Sprinter and having our team build out the office with our exact specifications. You do not need to buy Jack's Tax Mobile upon signing the franchise agreement. This is something you can add-on in the future. But if you were looking to add Jack's Tax Mobile with the launch of your franchise, you would need to pay the initial franchise fee + the total cost of Jack's Tax Mobile at signing so we can begin the build-out. We do have a partnered company that offers financing for the cost of Jack's Tax Mobile for franchisees with a FICO score above 680. We will need to pull a copy of your credit report before discussing this option.