Here's Our Story...….


We started as a family owned tax office in Philadelphia, Pa

The founder (Donnell Morris) and his mother have backgrounds in finance. Donnell started working in banking at 18 years old where he got licensed to offer Life, Accident, and Health Insurance. Alecia was helping the community and friends by providing education and guidance on their tax situations. This became a perfect relationship to launch a tax & accounting company from home.

We opened our first storefront

After a year, we found an office space on the corner of Erie Ave & Dungan Street in Philadelphia where we fixed up the building and turned it into the first Jumping Jack Tax Flagship Office.


We began helping clients virtually in all 50 states

We were assisting a ton of clients in Philadelphia while also getting inquiries from all over the country. Through our innnovative solutions, we developed a way to virtually assist clients all over the country while making the experience similar to what they feel whenever they walk into our office. At the core, we are a virtual tax & accounting franchise. You can run this business from anywhere around the country. But you need to have the ability to add a store-front location or Jack’s Tax Mobile to reach more potential clients.

We launched the franchise opportunity

We received so many requests from aspiring entrepreneurs & investors like yourself who wanted to be part of the brand and help us expand. We knew franchising was the next step because there weren’t any innovative tax & accounting brands who cared about the financial well-being of our communities. We launched and onboarded 19 franchise owners in our first year which is amazing. But we’re even more aggressive to expand with your help!


Jack’s Tax Mobile

And now we’ve launched our newest innovation which we believe will take over the tax & accounting industry. An office on wheels! Giving you (potential franchisee) the ability to market your franchise everyday, service clients in the back with our built-in custom office with Wi-Fi capabilities and potentially lower your overhead cost by giving you the flexibility to handle virtual & in-person clients without the need of brick & mortar expenses. This is a great deal!

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Being A Jumping Jack Tax Franchisee Is A LifeLong Commitment


To truly impact our communities with the right financial tools for success, we need dedicated individuals who share our core values, vision, passion and mission. Our founder, Donnell Morris, grew up in the inner city of Philadelphia and has since spent countless hours educating and donating back to the community so change can happen. That’s why we are extremely selective with who we choose to become a franchise owner of our brand.

This is not an opportunity for someone who has the necessary capital but no interest to engage in the business or mission. Entrepreneurship is very challenging, high paced and requires you to work long hours to achieve success. But the result is highly rewarding.

Learn more about the journey of becoming a Jumping Jack Tax Franchisee from one of our very own.

What to Expect

Initial Investment

The Jumping Jack Tax initial franchise fee ranges from $10,000 to $20,000 dollars. But, we're willing to share the risk and prove that we can perform. The offer is simple: We help you generate $20,000 in gross sales within 90 days of launching OR we credit you the difference and let you walk away.


We are a growing an online accounting franchise that requires year-round commitment to clients. Although we do not require you (franchise owner) to file taxes or handle the bookkeeping needs of our clients because you can hire a professional, we still require you to be involved in the day-to-day management of your franchise.

Risk Of Starting A Business

Jumping Jack Tax Franchisees are responsible for running their business and managing the day-to-day operations such as hiring, employee management, and local marketing efforts. Franchisee success requires past leadership/management experience, business acumen, and giving your time to the business. Being able to do all these and more is essential to your growth and success.


Jack’s Tax Mobile

Say hello to our newest innovation: An office on wheels! We had the vision to design a tool for franchise owners that gives them the ability to advertise their business within the community at little or no cost, service clients from anywhere, and keep franchise overhead costs low.

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